Team Ivaska – Cell Adhesion and Cancer lab

We are interested in all things integrins, cell-matrix interactions, receptor recycling, cell motility and mechanotransduction. We apply our knowledge to understand the mechanisms contributing to cancer invasion and metastasis.

Team Lappalainen – The Actin-based Molecular Machines lab

We are a group of enthusiastic people who are eager to reveal the secrets of how our cells work, move, and change their shape with a focus on the actin cytoskeleton. Our research combines biochemistry, cell biology and structural biology to uncover how actin structure and dynamics are regulated in various cellular processes.

Team Saharinen – Translational vascular biology lab

We are vascular biologists focused on understanding endothelial cell functions in disease. We carry out basic and translational research to identify mechanisms that regulate vascular responses in tumours and during inflammation, with special interest in endothelial growth factor and cell adhesion receptors.

Team Vattulainen – The Biological Physics and Soft Matter lab

We focus on the theory and modelling of biologically relevant soft and condensed matter systems. The work includes the development of theoretical and computational techniques for multiscale modelling, and applications of these methods to study physicochemical properties of soft and condensed matter systems over a multitude of scales.

Team Wickström – The Stem Cells and Tissue Architecture lab

We aim to uncover how single stem cell behaviours are coordinated at the population level, and how population-level dynamics are coupled to tissue architecture. Uncovering these regulatory principles will facilitate the development of stem cell and regenerative therapies and more effective treatments against cancers.